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The sliding sash window was extremely popular from its introduction in Georgian times and continued into the Victorian era. Its popularity declined at the start of the 20th century due to mass manufactured cost- effective steel & timber casement windows, and issues with the inherent draughts and rattles of original sash windows.

In recent years there has been a revival of interest into timber sash windows. An awareness of the sustainability of timber and incorporating modern energy efficient technology into the traditional designs has meant timber sash windows are being used in new builds and also replaced in period properties.

We create traditional timber sash windows using time proven joinery methods but incorporating modern techniques and materials that allow our windows to stand up to every requirement of modern living.


Specializing in manufacturing traditional sash windows we replicate the aesthetics of the traditional window and combine it with the latest window technology. Close attention to detail during design ensures the windows bars, rails, horns and proportions are all accurately reproduced.

We offer a wide choice of internal profiles to suite different eras, including Ovolo, Lambs Tongue, Ogee, but can also match and replicate any profile for individual projects.

Townhouse, country mansion or cottage, traditional sliding sash windows compliment any property of any period. Tailor made lead weights hung on chords through pulley wheels ensure the sashes slide vertically in a fluent and effortless manner, original to the vertical sliding sash window.

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Our double glazed box sash windows combine traditional aesthetics with modern technology. Highly thermal efficient double glazed units minimise heat loss and condensation whilst precision in draught sealing helps reduce draughts and noise.


Predominantly used in listed buildings and conservation areas, our single glazed box sash windows feature many bespoke options tailored to the individual requirements of a period building.

4mm float glass is used as standard but drawn, plate and cylinder blown glass can also be used for a more authentic look, and bedded into the sashes using traditional hand pointed putty.



Featuring pre-tensioned spiral balances instead of traditional weights, this opening method allows the window frame section to be reduced. A solid frame replaces the box housing of weighted windows, which enables the window to be used in tighter and modern reveals. This is also a more cost- effective alternative to weighted and pulley sashes without compromising the aesthetics of the traditional sash window.

Our spiral balanced sash windows provide a maintenance free and smooth opening operation coupled with innovative draught sealing to provide excellent thermal and weather performance.


Using a similar design to our spiral balanced windows, the opening mechanism allows both sashes to tilt inwards, which facilitates easy cleaning from the inside. The inner track is weather sealed with brushes to ensure high performance.

These windows are very useful for above ground level windows in residential developments, but also windows situated above lower roofs such as orangeries and conservatories.

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At Biker Bespoke Joinery we can design and manufacture imitation sliding sash windows as a more cost effective alternative to the traditional box sash window.

The top sash is actually a top hung casement overlapping the top rail of the bottom sash. The opening casement is fully draught sealed to ensure excellent performance and high levels of insulation, whilst imitating the appearance of a vertical sliding sash window.


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Also referred to as ‘Yorkshire Sliding Sash Windows’ due to their origin, these windows are used when the opening dimensions are wider than tall, where vertical sliding sash windows would look squat in appearance. Historically, these windows are found in cottages as window openings have more horizontal proportions due to low ceiling heights.

Being Yorkshire based, manufacturing Yorkshire sliding sash windows comes naturally! Offering all the practical features expected from any modern window system including high level security, energy efficiency and low maintenance, with our Yorkshire sliding sash windows you’re guaranteed a high quality product which will compliment your home.


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